New Set Meals for the winter season

The Excelsior Brewery team offers you a new map for the end of 2017.

magret de canard menu brasserie excelsior reimsBased on a traditional cuisine, the menu is based on the brewery’s fundamentals: tasty dishes for the pleasure of all, served in the dining room for the pleasure of your eyes and your taste buds: a quick service in the spirit Brasserie we appreciate so much !

Inspired, accessible and creative, the new Excelsior Brewery menu is perfectly adapted to the winter months. Thus, menus starting from € 22.90 are designed according to the chef’s inspiration and seasonal vegetables. Fresh products and recipes carefully prepared in the kitchen to satisfy all taste buds: the most refined as the most pressed.

Feel free to ask our waiters in the room about our new recipes and their compositions, they will be happy to answer you and guide you in your choices if necessary.

This new card is valid until the end of April 2018